UBC Anti-Racism Initiatives Fund

UBC’s Anti-Racism Initiatives Fund, established in 2021, supports initiatives that seek to celebrate and elevate diverse communities and advance anti-racism efforts at our UBC Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

Students, faculty, and staff members across both campuses are encouraged to apply for funds in support of anti-racism initiatives, including those that celebrate, elevate, and build greater awareness and understanding of diverse cultures that make up our UBC community. Funds may be used to host speakers, showcase cultural performances, and/or celebrate cultural months (e.g., Black History Month, Lunar New Year).

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Funding Overview

An annual allocation of $200,000 ($100,000 at UBCO and $100,000 at UBCV) will be made available each year. The funds provide support for student, staff, and faculty initiatives, projects, event, programs, and activities that are University and/or campus oriented, of broad interest, enhance the reputation of the University, and/or celebrate and elevate diverse cultures at UBC. The Anti-Racism Initiative Committee is responsible for disbursing the funds based on the approved criteria.

Calls for Proposals

Each year, multiple calls for proposal will be announced.

Calls for proposals in 2022 will be announced in the coming months. Please keep checking this website for further updates.

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee based on the selection criteria and available funding. Committee members are appointed by the Vice-President, Students and the Provost and Vice-President Academic, UBC Okanagan and includes faculty, student and staff representation. The Committee shall forward a report of its activities annually to the Vice-President, Students and the Provost and Vice President, Academic, UBC Okangan. Administrative support will be provided by the Office of the Vice-President, Students.


  • Applicants must be current UBC students, faculty, and staff in good standing at the time of the application, and during the period of the project itself.
  • Applications must be received by the Committee a minimum of four weeks in advance of an event/project/program completion.  Applications submitted after an event/project/program has been completed will not be considered. 
  • Applications will be accepted from student groups or clubs affiliated with AMS, GSS, SUO, a Faculty or School, or associated with another officially-recognized UBC organization. Applications will not be accepted from off-campus organizations, or from UBC students on behalf of off-campus organizations.
  • Projects that are eligible for funding may include the following:
    • Hosting a speaker or speaker series
    • Hosting or showcasing culture performances
    • Developing and implementing cultural programming/initiatives 
    • Advancing awareness and understanding
    • Reduction in barriers facing students from historically, systemically, and persistently marginalized groups
    • Promotion of social and inclusive participation
  • The Committee encourages proposals for activities/initiatives/programs that will benefit a wide spectrum of the University community, and particularly welcomes collective proposals as well as those from individual groups/organizations. Partnerships and proposals with matching funds are highly encouraged.
  • The Committee may allocate up to $10,000—generally grants will range between $500 to $10,000.
  • An individual or group may not apply for funding support in two consecutive years for the same project/initiative/program.
  • Following the completion of the project/initiative/event/program, a brief written report, including cost accounting, must be sent to the Committee within four weeks of completion. Future funding for the individual or group will be contingent upon receipt of this information.
  • Allocated funds that are unspent, or in the event that the project/initiatives/event/program is cancelled, must be returned.

Proposal Review

The Anti-Racism Initiative Fund Committee will review the proposal based on the selection criteria and funds available. The committee recommends proposal selection to the Vice-President Students and the Provost and Vice-President Academic, UBCO.

The committee will contact applicants to notify them of the decision and rationale, and announce approved proposals.

Application and Review Process

Current UBC students, faculty, and staff must complete the application form with the following requirements:

  • The applicant(s) is responsible for ensuring that the application is fully completed and all required and relevant information is included for the Committee’s consideration.
  • The applicant must sign and provide the completed application and supporting documentation, namely detailed budget; support letter from either AMS/GSS/SUO or Faculty, Department, or School.


Step 1: Idea and Proposal

  • Applicants identify and articulate an event/initiative/program/activity requiring investment that advances, supports, and celebrates and elevates cultural programming and activities, and awareness at UBC.
  • Applicants identify and approach potential partners and roles and responsibilities.

Step 2: Budget Proposal

  • Applicants develop a budget proposal, outlining the use of the funds. Please note that applicants can request funds between $500 to $10,000.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Proposals must directly support efforts to advance, raise awareness of, and celebrate diversity at UBC and overall elevate cultural programming
  • Degree to which the proposal will advance supporting programs and events that highlight diverse communities that make up the University of British Columbia community
  • Degree to which the proposal will advance awareness and promotion of social and inclusive participation
  • Degree of definition and measurability (qualitative or quantitative) of expected impact of investments within proposed timeline
  • Clarity, quality, and feasibility of the proposal
  • Availability of funding in the project time frame

Please use the Anti-Racism Initiative Fund Application form and submit the required information along with supporting letter(s). The application should be submitted as a single PDF document only. Please download and complete the application Word document (including budget), and then combine that document with any supporting letters into a single PDF document. Please submit the final PDF document to vpsassist@mail.ubc.ca. Applications are ONLY accepted by email.

Application Form

Download the Anti-Racism Initiative Fund Application form (.docx).

Funding Recipients


View the full list of UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan projects that were funded for 2021.


For questions specific to the fund, please contact vpsassist@mail.ubc.ca.