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Anti-racism work requires commitment and action from leadership as well as support for work at the local level. UBC offers a number of funds to support anti-racism initiatives by students, faculty and staff.

Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program

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In fall 2021 UBC launched the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program. This program is designed to increase the number of undergraduate, Black Canadian students pursuing and obtaining higher education degrees at UBC.

The program offers financial and program support services for eligible participants and will be funded by the university and with the generous support of donors. Scholars will be part of a dual campus experience participating in cross-campus activities. In return, scholarship recipients are expected to make satisfactory academic progress and contribute to UBC’s community of scholars.

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EDST 598: Anti-Racism Praxis Lab: Theory, Practice and Activism

Semester/Term: Summer 2B, 2022 | Jul 25 – Aug 11, 2022 | Mon to Fri 1:30 – 4:00 PM | Instructor: Handel Wright

This course offers an opportunity to engage, produce and reflect on anti-racism praxis. It invites critical engagement of interdisciplinary, integrative anti-racism theory and related theoretical concepts and ways of understanding groups, institutions and society and working for progressive change. It also asks us to bring and work with our bodies, identities, identifications and standpoints – knowledge as embodied. 
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