Stephanie Awotwi-Pratt

Student | UBC Okanagan

Stephanie Awotwi-Pratt is a graduate student at the UBC Okanagan campus. She is a student in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program under the theme Power, Conflict & Ideas. She is two undergraduate degrees, a BSc in Microbiology and English, and a BA in Gender and Women’s Studies at UBC. Stephanie is very passionate about mental health, well-being, and issues related to anti-racism. In addition to the work with ARIE, Stephanie held a position as an Undergraduate student representative for the UBC Okanagan Health Services Committee Advisory member for three consecutive years.

Stephanie is deeply invested and passionate about health-related issues concerning Black Canadians. As a UBC Undergraduate Research Award recipient, Stephanie enveloped her knowledge about health-related subjects that affect black populations, to reflect on how we discuss the UBC community as a whole to promote equity and inclusion on campus.