Dr. Dana Solomon

Staff | UBC Vancouver

Dr. Solomon is an academic, artist, and entrepreneur. Her career focuses on understanding, opposing, and eliminating racism, prejudice, and bigotry, working towards equity and inclusion. Dr. Solomon created the theory, practice, and evaluated the efficacy of Ideologically Challenging Entertainment (ICE) – an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge exchange (Kx) described in her book Ideological Battlegrounds (2019) that challenges divisive, oppressive views associated with prejudice, racism, and ideological conflict.

Dr. Solomon is also a theatre artist, with experience in Canada and the UK as a playwright, performer, director, stage manager, technician, and designer. Her business offers Kx, communication, and publication services; her portfolio includes editing two multi-award-winning books. Dr. Solomon has significant lived experience of marginalization. She continues to face discrimination and bigotry from strangers, friends, colleagues, and supervisors, alongside systemic barriers to inclusion and the humiliation and burning anger that arises when subjected to them. These experiences inform her work to eliminate marginalization in all its forms.