Dr. Nuno Porto

Faculty | UBC Vancouver

Nuno Porto, Curator – Africa and South America at the UBC Museum of Anthropology, holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, where he taught and was also director of the Museum of Anthropology. He collaborated with the Ministry of Culture of Angola on the renewal project of the Dundo Museum, and implemented the website on the archival materials of the Diamonds Company of Angola, www.diamangdigital.net. In Cape Vert (Tarrafal, Praia) he worked in the renewal of women’s ceramics.

At UBC since 2012, he also serves in the African Studies Steering Committee, and has taught in the AHVA department on Heritage and Contemporary Arts of Africa and its Diasporas. Currently he co-directs (with David Morton – History UBC) the PURE project on Decolonizing the African Collections and Displays at MOA.